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Index for Catholic Studies


1. Memorize prayers found on pages 8-9
2. There are 6 units, so approximately one unit per month
3. Add other resources

August - September


Lesson 1: Foreword (Happiness)

Lesson 2: Foreword (Heaven)

Move to Catholic Studies

Unit One: Our Guides to Our Goal
(6 weeks)
Overview of Unit:  Focus on St Augustine
What Reason Is
Reasoning about God
Faith, the Master Guide: Focus on Abraham
 Faith and Virtue

Set IV
Basic and Supernatural Virtues
Virtues Focus

More on Particular Virtues 
Practicing Virtue

(placeholder posts below)
Habitual and Actual Faith
Professing the Faith
Great Teachers
More Great Teachers

End of First Quarter
Set V
Practicing Faith
Seeds of Faith
Sins and Dangers against Faith

Increasing Faith
Review of Revelation
Spreading the Faith

Set VI
General Review of Unit One


Unit Two: Our Illustrated Guide Book
(4 weeks)(pages 105-148)

The Liturgical Year (Overview)
Purpose of the Liturgical Year
Sources on the Liturgical Year
Divisions of the Liturgical Year (Temporal, Sanctoral)
Sanctoral Cycle
The Liturgical Year -- the Week
Holy Days and More
The Liturgical Colors and their Use
Living a Liturgical Life
REview of the Liturgical Year

(Homeschool Connections -- The Mass Explained)


Unit Three: Our Source and Our Goal
(5 weeks) (pages 149-210)

1. Who and What God Is
2. The Blessed Trinity


Unit Four: Love, Pride and the Promise
(7 weeks)

1. The Story of Creation
2. Pride. The Fall
3. The Enemy -- Obstacles to our Quest
4. Hope is Restored
5. Summary -- Love, Pride and the Promise


Unit Five: Divine Aids in Our Quest
(6 weeks)

1. Divine Aids in our Quest
2. We Start Our Quest
3. Strength for our Quest


Unit Six: The Rules for a Successful Quest
(7 weeks)

1. The Moral Law
2. Aids and Handicaps in our Quest
3. Content of the Moral Law
4. Our Duties to God

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